Tradition and Raj Rewal’s architecture

This film explores Indian architect Raj Rewal’s philosophy of design through a “promenade” across six of his projects. Images of historic buildings and miniature paintings appear at strategic moments during this exploration, in order to show how modern rationalism, a rigorous sense of function, structure and fabrication, has been reconciled with typologies extracted from the past.

Transitions between the projects are punctuated by images of women workers on a construction site. The intention is to hint at the socio-economic and technological context in which the buildings are built.

An introduction by Raj Rewal and the voice over commentary have been reduced to a minimum to allow the audience to savor the images while hearing traditional north Indian music, each piece of which is supposed to convey the “Rasa” or “character” of the project it accompanies.

Format: 16mm Film
Running Time: 30 Minutes
Language: English

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