A film on the synthesis of Hindu and Islamic culture as reflected in masterpieces of Indian architecture built in the 15th and 17th century.

Exquisite miniature paintings and manuscripts from India and Persia, accompanied by north Indian classical music, are used to tell the story and analyse the architectures of Mandu in Malwa, Datia & Orcha in Bundelkhand, Udaipur in Rajasthan and Fatehpur Sikri in UP.

Format: HD
Running Time: 26 Minutes
Language: English


Writer, Director & Producer Manu Rewal
English Voice Over Inder Misra
Music Vishwajeet Roy Chowdhary,
Ustad Asad Ali Khan & Wasifuddin Dagar
Camera Pradeep Kumar
Sound Samar Siddiqui
Graphics Supna Kunwar & Bidya Suri
Editing & Mixing Manu Rewal
Production Anand Khandelwal & Krishnan
Production Companies MEA, GOI & Duniya Vision (India) Pvt.Ltd.


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