The architecture of Raj Rewal

When Raj Rewal returned to India in 1962, after studying architecture and having various professional and artistic experiences in London and Paris, he wanted to create an architecture to serve a new nation that was facing huge challenges.

He learnt lessons from the masterpieces of Indian architecture, and adopted an approach that fused modernism with tradition. Pragmatic, yet respecting nature, it puts man at the center of his architecture.

Spanning six decades and a historic turning point, the major works of Raj Rewal, including individual as well as group housing, offices, exhibition halls, university campuses and a parliament library, have participated in the invention of modern India.

Format: Full HD
Running Time: 5 x 26 Minutes, 2 x 52 Minutes, 96 Minutes
Language: English and French

festivals & press

SCREENED IN Centre Pompidou, Paris
SCREENED IN Alliance Française, Delhi


Writer, Director & Producer Manu Rewal
Interviews Raj Rewal, Aurerien Lemonier, Mgk Menon,
Ramin Jahanbegloo, Mahendra Raj,
Pran Talwar & H.S. Nag.
English Voice Over Inder Misra
French Voice Over Delphine Montaigne
Camera (India) Ashraf Islahuddin & Manu Rewal
Sound Recording (India) P. D. Valson & Partha Barman
Sound Recording (France) Ivan Gariel
Editing Manu Rewal
Graphics, Color Correction Yann Bellet
Mixing Ivan Gariel
English Copy Editing Thomas Koshy
French Copy Editing Stéphanie Tawa Lama Rewal
Translation Manu Rewal &
Stéphanie Tawa Lama Rewal
Production V. Krishnan, Sylvain Wolf
& Isabelle Danto
Production Companies Duniya Vision (India),
Karma Production Sarl
& Centre Pompidou