Akbar’s Vision in Stone

Created in 1571 by Akbar, the greatest of the Mughal Emperors, Fatehpur Sikri, laid the foundations of a culture whose impact still reverberates in North India.

His free thinking, open minded and innovative attitude is expressed in the design of the main mosque, in the innovative roofscapes, and in the unique composition of the palace complex, based on a delicate system of a series of balancing axes.

Exquisite Miniature paintings from the imperial atelier evoke the court and the events linked to the creation of Fatehpur Sikri. Three Hindustani classical ragas, which are said to have been composed by Tansen, the legendary ” jewel ” of Akbar’s court, go with the images.

Format: Beta SP
Running Time: 31 Minutes
Language: English


Writer, Director & Producer Manu Rewal
English Commentary Voice Over Inder Misra
Camera Pradeep Kumar
Location Sound M. A Mathew
On-line Editing V.S. Kannan
Off-line Editing Manu Rewal & Somnath Banerjee
Music Ustad Asad Ali Khan
Music Recording & Mixing Maitrey Dwivedi
English VO Recording Samar Siddiqui
Graphics Sapna Kunwar
English Commentary Copy Editing Kimberly Cutter & Seeme Qasim
Architectural Consultant Raj Rewal
Production Company Duniya Vision (India) Pvt.Ltd.


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