This film is about some of the most interesting Indian buildings built in the first decade of the 21st century.

The IIITB by Rajesh Ranganathan, an IT education institution, the Value Labs by CnT, a software facility, Dr Reddy’s IPDO by Sanjay Mohe, a pharmaceutical research Lab, the new IIM campus by Bimal Patel, a premier business school and the Parliament library by Raj Rewal, a hi-tech information centre for parliamentarians.

Beyond their functional requirements, they are concerned with integrating man, nature and symbolic dimensions through architecture.

Format: HD
Running Time: 26 Minutes
Language: English


Writer, Director & Producer Manu Rewal
Camera Alok Srivastava
Sound P.D. Valson
Mixing Rajiv Prakash
English Voice Over Inder Misra
Editing & Mixing Manu Rewal
Music Alexander Housego
Camera Assistant Jayanta Pani & Varun Kumar
Mixing Assistant Rajesh Gupta
Production Anand Khandelwal & Krishnan
Production Companies MEA, GOI & Duniya Vision (India) Pvt. Ltd.


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